For organisations that use computers to get stuff done, the Internet means you can spread bits of your organisation out geographically and temporally.

Spreading a workforce geographically is usually called remote working or distributed working. That’s when workers aren’t necessarily close to the location of the main office, they live…

Each weekend I spend around 2 hours writing about what I did in the ~38 hours I spent at work that week. Why? Good question. Here’s a few reasons why spending more time than is necessary writing about work is a good thing.

It helps me think

Writing is a reflective practice. By going…

Digital government, its inherent politics, and humility in design

Originally published at on January 8, 2020.

Recently I’ve been working on a team thinking about what digital government services might be like in the near future. Conor, our interaction designer, summed up the last 9 years rather well.

‘We essentially create boring magic.’

It just rolls off the…

Steve Messer

Product manager, GOV.UK Pay, Government Digital Service

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